Love & Thrift - The Local Cloth Project

Love & Thrift – The Local Cloth Project

Project: The Local Cloth Project

[During a short residency at the Harvest Worksroom in East Brunswick Vuletich aims] …to explore through textiles and cloth, larger ideas around quality and craftsmanship, emotional attachment to products, and what it means to feel connected to a place, a location and to a community of people.

“…Here at Harvest Textiles, I’m going to try to map these ideas of the local and what it means for Harvest and for the neighbourhood they exist in. In a way, this is a relatively easy site for investigation. Harvest are already a textile printing enterprise, who are aware of their ‘footprint’, and who have a positive impact socially (through their workshops and encouragement of local creatives). Also, the neighbourhood of East Brunswick, was actually the original site of most of Melbourne’s early textiles and garment production.

All of this is rich pickings for a design researcher. I have my new desk, and am sharing the space with a lovely group of people who are on the Summer School printing class for the week. You are welcome to come by and say hi if you are in the area and I would love to get any feedback or share a conversation about what local textiles means for you.”

About the Artist: Clara Vuletich is a printed textile designer and researcher at Textiles Environment Design (TED) Project, Chelsea College of Art & Design, London.